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The Purple Line Project’s (the Project) Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) program is federally mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and administered by the Concessionaire’s Design-Builder, Maryland Transit Solutions (MTS). The Project’s DBE program, with oversight from Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration's (MDOT MTA) Civil Rights Compliance Team, will create processes to counter non-discrimination and maximize participation by DBEs.

MDOT MTA is committed to its partnership with the Project’s Concessionaire, the Purple Line Transit Partners (PLTP), in delivering a DBE program that empowers and supports DBE firms. Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) certified DBE firms are employed to perform meaningful services in the design and construction phases along the project alignment. The Project’s DBE program aims to:

  • Create awareness amongst MDOT certified DBEs of potential subcontracting opportunities and teaming efforts with MTS;
  • Provide on-going assistance to DBEs currently performing on the Project;
  • Support MTS’ DBE outreach and training efforts;
  • Encourage eligible small, disadvantaged, minority and women-owned businesses to become MDOT certified DBEs, further expanding the pool of potential DBE firms to participate in upcoming Purple Line subcontracting opportunities;
  • Address DBE-identified and DBE-related concerns, needs, and inquiries; and
  • Achieve the USDOT approved design and construction DBE goals for the Project.

State and transportation agencies who receive DOT funding for developments are required to establish DBE participation goals. The Project’s DBE goals will be achieved during MTS’ design-build period and are as follows:

  • 26% participation for Design Services; and
  • 22% participation for Construction Services.

The Civil Rights Compliance Team will assist in attaining the DBE goals with the following oversight activities:

  • Achieving DBE and public awareness and engagement by communicating and sharing information pertaining to subcontracting opportunities on the Project;
  • DBE firm capture and database management;
  • Capacity building for DBE firms to increase their competitiveness on the Project;
  • DBE educational offerings, technical assistance referrals, and pre-bid and post-bid information meetings; and
  • Documenting the Project’s progress through DBE participation tracking and reporting progress towards meeting the goals.

Maryland DBE certifications are issued by the Maryland Department of Transportation through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Uniform Certification Program. For more information about MDOT’s DBE certification process, visit their website at: MDOT Office of Minority Business Enterprise

Contact Us

Marcques Washington

Marcques Washington
DBE/MBE Civil Rights Compliance Director
Office: 240.695.9229

Lenton Wallace, DBE/Civil Rights Program Manager

Lenton Wallace
DBE/Civil Rights Program Manager
Office: 240.695.9201

Sheritha Semakula DBE Program Administrator

Sheritha Semakula
DBE Program Administrator
Office: 240.695.9199