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Taking Care of Business

The MDOT MTA Purple Line Business Engagement Team recognizes that construction may be disruptive and can cause temporary inconveniences to businesses in the vicinity of construction sites. The Business Engagement Team is responsible for building and nurturing relationships with businesses along the corridor. We are here to help, and will learn the needs of the businesses, emphasize what can be done to respond to their operational concerns, and identify mutually beneficial solutions. This involves establishing strong working relationships, connecting businesses with tools and resources to support their business, and minimizing disruptions during construction activities.

Megamart, Prince George’s CountyMegamart, Prince George’s County
Mon Ami Gabi, Montgomery CountyMon Ami Gabi, Montgomery County

Meet the Team

This business-focused team will examine each planned Purple Line construction activity to anticipate potential business impacts. The team will communicate relevant information in a timely manner about what businesses can expect during the construction phase of the project with the intent of mitigating any concerns. Our team brings a wealth of experience in business and community engagement, marketing, and social engagement from various national and international industries.

Lesli Leath

Business Relationship Manager
Marlene Veras

Marlene Veras

Business Engagement Officer - Prince George’s County

Bilingual: Spanish
Minh Diep

Minh Diep

Business Engagement Officer - Montgomery County

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